F12 – 905: Memory, Power and Bandwidth – Oh My! Mobile Testing Beyond the GUI

Track: Hands-On Practicals

Many testers today are asked to test mobile applications. The assumption is to test the mobile application in the same manner of testing a web application or a client/server application. However, if the software tester is testing mobile applications, then the software tester must now become aware of hardware and firmware conditions which were not normally a part of previous test case development. Charging the device while the software application is being downloaded, installing, in use where the GUI is engaged are all necessary tests for the mobile application tester. Add another variable to charging the device to consider the heat generated from charging the battery, another level of tests can include network communication, database searches, and memory management. How about a layer of tests which involve testing the drivers and how the software application dictates behavior like an LED light or enabling Bluetooth or interacting with the device’s clock? Understanding the combination of software/firmware/hardware all contained within one complex system is now a part of any software tester of mobile applications.

Testers will work in teams to formulate heuristic oracles by introducing various hardware conditions to their mobile devices and witnessing different software behaviors. We will use exercises to develop test cases using exploratory testing to further inspire heuristic oracles. The result will generate a series of regression test ideas to apply for any mobile application testing project.

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Session Speaker:

JeanAnn HarrisonJeanAnn Harrison – Project Manager, ProjectRealms, Inc.
Jean Ann has been in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance field for over 12 years including 4 years working within a Regulatory Environment. Her niche is system integration testing, specifically on mobile medical devices. Jean Ann has worked in multi-tiered system environments involving client/server, web application, and standalone software applications. Maintaining an active presence in the software testing community, Jean Ann has gained inspiration from many authors and practitioners. She continues to combine her practical experiences with interacting on software quality and testing forums, and attending training classes and conferences.