F12 – 803: Refocusing Testing Strategy Within the Context of Product Maturity

Track: Agile Testing

Same as the “complete preplanning ahead” is not the Agile way of delivering software, the testing strategy within the agile project needs to fine-tune to the various stages of product development and maturity. While the team and product leads want to be confident about software quality, testing tasks and activities need to be lean enough to avoid unnecessary time/maintenance hurdles or bottlenecks. We will review testing methods and styles which fit best at different stages of product maturity (hint: the definition of “quality” may adjust for each stage).

Highlights of the session include:

  • Strategic ways to use automation, and when manual exploratory testing is a better choice
  • Testing the usability and business assumptions
  • Leveraging exploratory testing as a team activity (when and how)
  • Getting ready for live pilots and sales demos of the real product
  • Testing coverage refinement from the customer feedback
  • Risk-based testing
  • Test automation: one tool doesn’t ‘fit all’
  • Designing production “safety net” suite of automated tests

Session Takeaways:

  • Recognizing what “quality” means for various groups of users and stakeholders (Sales, Business, Product, Operations, End Users)
  • Choosing the right testing strategy and solutions based on project needs and stakeholders’ goals
  • Discovering quality risks at different stages of product maturity, and fine-tuning testing strategy accordingly (through simulation exercises)
  • Forming intelligent decisions on test tactics and methods applicable within context-specific situations

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Session Speaker:

Anna RoyzmanAnna Royzman – QA Lead, Liquidnet Holdings
Anna Royzman is the test lead in a cross-functional product development team that creates and delivers game-changing software in the financial industry, where “quality” is as important as the “time to market.” With a wealth of experience in the testing and quality assurance field, she has developed unique perspectives on quality leadership during the past decade. Anna organizes discussion panels, leads SIGs, creates workshops, and speaks at conferences to promote the value of skillful testing and the whole team approach to quality. Anna is an AST member and passionate supporter of the context-driven school of thought in software testing. She writes about her latest ideas and personal insights on quality and testing on her blog.