F12 – 605: Keeping Up!

Track: Agile Testing

One of the challenges many organizations face when adopting Agile processes is having enough time in each iteration to test what was developed in that iteration. Developers want to work up to the last minute in the iteration to finish stories and maximize business value. Further, as the project grows over time, the scope of the testing effort grows with it. How can an organization ensure it remains true to Agile without sacrificing quality?

This session will provide some helpful tips to give testers the best chance of keeping pace with development. Additionally, the presenter will discuss several strategies that may be employed if, despite valiant efforts, testing falls behind. While no single approach may provide the silver bullet solution, attendees will leave the session armed with ideas and concepts for dealing with the problem both proactively and reactively.

Session Takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges testers face in fast-paced Agile / iterative development environments
  • Learn several strategies to help them have a better chance of keeping pace with development
  • Learn two specific ways to adapt their processes if they discover they cannot keep pace with development
  • Learn effective ways to deal with defects found in different phases of Agile testing

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Session Speaker:

Robert WalshRobert Walsh – Senior Consultant, Excalibur Solutions, Inc.
Over the course of his career, Robert has been a teacher, a hardware technician, an IT director, a trainer, a programmer, and a business owner. His unique blend of skills in education, technology, and business allow him to communicate effectively with people in different roles within an organization.

Robert believes strongly in delivering quality solutions that solve real customer problems and provide tangible business value. Since 2002, he has been a proponent of Agile software development processes and techniques. He helped bring Agile processes to EnvisionWare, a company that he co-founded in October 1998. Now, with Excalibur Solutions, he is working to help other companies transition to Agile.