F12 – 503: The Testing Renaissance Has Arrived (on an iPad in the Cloud)

Track: Mobile Application Testing

This is the best time in history to be a tester! Emerging from the most significant economic “dark age” since the Great Depression, the world testers now face is one of immense opportunity and challenge as cloud computing has blown in overnight and mobile devices have overtaken the planet.

Your projects are bigger, distributed to more users, pose more risk, and must be deployed faster. In the new world of speed and scale, Renaissance Testers are launching (or re-launching) their careers by testing transformational technologies by effectively utilizing those same transformational technologies.

Join Brad as he shares how you can catapult your career with cloud-based test automation and mobile testing techniques that are as exciting to learn and use as they are impactful to your end results and personal success!

Attendees will learn to:

  • Become a cloud testing expert
  • Build and articulate a distributed mobile testing strategy
  • Champion a new approach to realistic, repeatable web and mobile performance testing
  • Establish yourself as an agile testing expert with Continuous Testing
  • Defend “Test” in a world heading toward “DevOps”

Cloud Computing is a proven advantage for testers and mobile app testing is a veritable testing green field for those willing to charge ahead. Learn the new “arts” – embrace this new world – and become a Renaissance Tester!

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn where testers are making a lasting impact on strategic projects
  • Identify areas to focus on for career growth
  • Learn to seek out strategic projects
  • Gain perspective and optimism about the future

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Session Speaker:

Brad JohnsonBrad Johnson – VP Product and Channel Marketing, SOASTA
Brad Johnson has been supporting testers since the turn of the last century as head of monitoring and test products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland. He joined the front lines of the Testing Renaissance in 2009 when he signed on with SOASTA to deliver cloud testing on the CloudTest platform to a skeptical and established software testing market. Now, with the experience of tens-of-thousands of tests and hundreds of companies embracing the CloudTest – and using the same for mobile test automation – he’s helping expand the horizons of testers everywhere.