F12 – 405: Mobile Software Testing Experience

Track: Hands-On Practicals

In this hands-on session we will go beyond mobile adoption rates. We will do more than simply discuss unique challenges in mobile application testing. With devices in hand, we will investigate the issues that mobile testers deal with on a daily basis. We will explore both mobile optimized websites and native applications, in the name of consumer advocacy and continuous improvement. We will gain a new perspective on the mobile computing era and begin to arm ourselves with the knowledge needed to usher in a quality future for this emerging market.

This session will focus on three of the biggest challenges in mobile application testing:

  • Device Testing – Device fragmentation is a challenge that will continue to increase, and full device coverage is often cost prohibitive. We will investigate how device fragmentation affects quality and learn the considerations involved in device sampling size.
  • Connectivity Testing – Although some applications have some form of offline mode, most were designed with constant connection in mind and can be near useless without a connection to the internet. We will investigate how vital connectivity is to the proper functioning of many mobile applications and explore various testing methodologies.
  • Interrupt Testing – Phone calls, text messages, alarms, push notifications and other functionality within our devices can have a serious impact on the application under test. We will investigate the types of issues these interruptions can cause and some strategies for testing.

Session Takeaways:

  • The mobile computing era is growing exponentially faster than any era previously. Most Quality Assurance Engineers will encounter mobile testing eventually.
  • There are few testing challenges that are unique to mobile application testing, although it often takes a unique approach to mitigate those challenges.
  • The devices that we carry around in our pockets can have a huge impact, either positive or negative, on our happiness and productivity – and there is often a fine line between the two.

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Session Speaker:

Todd SchultzTodd Schultz – Managing Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Ubermind / Deloitte
Over the past 15 years Todd tested many types of software, in many industries, from web pages and insurance software to audio/video software and video games. Currently he is working on mobile applications, deep diving into this emerging market to identify the unique Quality Assurance challenges and how to mitigate them in an agile way. Todd is passionate about professional development; mentoring Quality Assurance Engineers who see QA as a career, and not just a job.