F12 – 1004: Scaling Gracefully and Testing Responsively

Track: Mobile Application Testing

The web isn’t just desktop anymore. The web is everywhere, creating a fluid conundrum for the QA professional. As the testing matrix grows and grows into a multiplatform expanse, we must be ready for not just the size of a screen, but also user browsing habits. In this session, we’ll explore the problems presented by responsive design, examine the flexible grid and forecast systematic solutions.

Session Takeaways:

  • Walk away with an enhanced understanding of the nuances of an increasingly fluid web landscape.
  • Get an overview of responsive web design and a recommended approach to test beyond the desktop.
  • Witness the various permutations of the flexible grid applied to a range of platforms.

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Session Speaker:

Richard KriheliRichard Kriheli – Associate Director of Quality Assurance, R/GA
Richard Kriheli nit- picks everything, even his lunch. His career spans fifteen years of quality assurance and design on accounts such as Walmart, L’Oreal, Nokia, Vogue, Best Buy & others. He currently heads testing efforts for Nike at R/GA. Richard lives in an overpriced, undersized apartment in New York City with his wife, son and gadgets named after famous writers.