F11-OJ4: Iron Test Master: Recipes for Disaster

Track: Open Jam Testing Sessions

You’ve seen the cooking contest shows–Chopped, Top Chef, Iron Chef, and Iron Chef Masters. Well, now STPCon has its very own testing contest: Iron Test Master! You’ll be provided a set of “ingredients” about an IT project and using those ingredients you will design a “recipe” on-the-fly for your step-by-step approach for the testing effort. Just like in the real contests, you will be thrown some curve-ball ingredients affecting your environments, team resources, budget, or change management, to name a few. You’ll be judged against other contestants until the playing field is narrowed down to our final Iron Test Master. Do you want to win some fun prizes for participating and get some test strategy pointers along the way? Do you think you have what it takes to be the 2011 “Iron Test Master”? Come play and find out!

Please Note: There were no presentations for Open Jam sessions.

Session Speaker:

Virginia ReynoldsVirginia Reynolds – Founder & Principal Consultant, Insight Quality
Virginia Reynolds is the founder and principal consultant for Insight Quality, a boutique IT consulting firm. She is an IT Implementation Specialist focusing on high-risk, high-profile, large-scale multi-system application development projects with a focus on strategy, process implementation, and management within the high-risk areas of IT services delivery such as test strategy & management, requirements strategy & management, change management, configuration management, and environment strategy management. She has spent her career creating test divisions, managing testing for software product companies, leading the overall test strategy for application development at Fortune 100 organizations, and initializing & implementing continual process improvement. Virginia’s guiding principle on every project is the use of “smart flexibility” where she resolves challenging issues with efficient solutions by bending the traditional “rules” without compromising quality.