F11-OJ2: Your Tester Personality

Track: Open Jam Testing Sessions

In this session, you’ll test a very buggy application,

and learn what kind of tester you really are: are you a visual aide, or maybe a submariner? Different testers find different kinds of bugs and approach testing in different ways. Figure out your personality, and learn what you can do to work on a team with a lot of different tester personalities.

Please Note: There were no presentations for Open Jam sessions.

Session Speaker:

Catherine PowellCatherine Powell – Principal, Abakas
Catherine Powell is a principal at Abakas, a software consulting company. Catherine has been testing and managing testers for about ten years. She has worked with a broad range of software, including an enterprise storage system, a web-based healthcare system, data synchronization applications on mobile devices, and webapps of various flavors. She is an author and a formal mentor to testers and test managers. Catherine focuses primarily on the realities of shipping software in small and mid-size companies. Catherine’s published works, blog, and contact information can be found at www.abakas.com.