F11-OJ1: Agile Testing Games

Track: Open Jam Testing Sessions

Come test prototypes of tangible items and website(s) for small prizes, internet fame, and tester glory. Collaborate and influence others by asking Lanette’s test team of offsite Oompa-Loompas to run tests on their unlimited equipment and give you back the results. Game options range from the purely physical object to a website that you can test, and there will even be a physical item with an online component for a hybrid testing challenge.

Please Note: There were no presentations for Open Jam sessions.

Session Speaker:

Lanette CreamerLanette Creamer – Consulting Tester/Testing Coach, Spark Quality LLC
After a decade at Adobe, including leading testing on the Creative Suites, Lanette jumped into consulting with both feet. She first delivered an on time, on budget project for a well-known purveyor of coffee products, then went independent, starting Spark Quality LLC. Lanette headed to Indiana to take on a new challenge as a testing coach at a well-respected company in the healthcare industry. She is currently working with a Silicon Valley client, building a testing team from scratch.