F11-804: Integrated Test Automation for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Track: Specialized Application Test Environments

Android test automation for enterprise apps provides an evolutionary approach to developing test automation frameworks to include mobile application testing. This approach involves integrating mobile test automation with existing automation frameworks to provide a comprehensive view of quality and test execution.

With the commercialization of IT mobile apps proliferating in enterprises, testing organizations in these enterprises are facing the prospect of adding new testing interfaces and devices to the long list of existing needs.

This session will showcase a framework and approach to address these challenges. Using a framework developed by integrating Robotium and Selenium, this session will walk participants through an approach to developing an integrated test automation framework that can test applications with web and mobile interfaces.

Robotium is an open-source app testing automation framework that provides API’s to deal with various kinds of Widgets/UI present in mobile applications developed using Android SDK.

This session highlights the following key aspects of developing an integrated automation framework:

  • Test data management
  • Reporting
  • Test Lab configuration, including multi-device management
  • Challenges, lessons learned and best practices to develop a successful framework

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Session Speaker:

Sreekanth SingarajuSreekanth Singaraju – VP of Testing Services, Alliance Global Services
Sreekanth Singaraju has more than 12 years of senior technology leadership experience and leads Alliance’s QA & Testing organization in developing cutting edge solutions. He is a respected technology thought leader with focus in testing Agile projects, test process automation and metrics-based development approaches and utilizing lean techniques in software development.

Sreekanth has helped design and architect a Robotium-based test automation framework that integrates with enterprise test automation frameworks to provide comprehensive test coverage along with the test deployment process to create a lights-out lab for mobile app testing.