F11-601: Performance QA testing within large Development Organizations

Track: Performance Testing

This session will focus on how ongoing performance and scalability testing can be integrated into a large development organization. The session will follow a hypothetical test team from inception to full integration into the development organization.

Discussion will include the potential benefits to the unified development effort, challenges faced by the team, and various technical hurdles faced when working with a wide set of integrated technologies (DBMS, web server, Windows thick-client, web app, mobile apps).

Discussion will include:

  • Characteristics of a performance testing team integrated into a large development organization
  • Team composition
  • Areas of responsibility and influence
  • Challenges creating such an internal team
  • Interactions with other teams within the corporate development sphere
  • Managerial and organizational challenges when working within large development organizations
  • Different modes of performance and scalability testing within development organization
  • Working collaboratively with development teams
  • Working independently as a QA organization
  • Testing with long-term, large scale internal development projects
  • Performance test schedules based on development schedules
  • Types of performance testing used with these types of teams (near-functional testing, work-flow/scenario, collaboratively performed with large clients and business partners)
  • Reporting mechanisms and report types
  • Testing and automation frameworks

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Session Speaker:

John MezaJohn Meza – Product Engineer, ESRI
John has 25 years in the IT industry. For the past three years John has been the lead of the Performance QA team at ESRI. Team charter is to encourage, assist and implement performance and scalability testing with core development teams and as independent performance QA team. He has held numerous other positions at ESRI, including:

  • Consultant investigating performance problems at large enterprise deployments
  • Consultant working on performance testing and acceptance testing projects at electrical utilities implementing ESRI software in enterprise deployments.
  • Technology evangelist encouraging and assisting clients in the use of ESRI Windows SDKs
  • Author and instructor of classes on installation, configuration and tuning of database tier of ESRI software
  • Technical support analyst working with database tier and Windows customization SDKs

Prior to ESRI John was employed as a software engineer developing real-time embedded software using C, C++ and Ada in the defense industry. Employers include CSC, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Int.