F11-301: Tester Today Manager Tomorrow

Track: Leadership Perspectives for Testers

Some of our careers follow a particular path we’ve laid out and others naturally evolve over time based on multiple opportunities presented to us. My transition from tester to manager begins with a credit union merger and after accepting the tasks the overwhelming sense of responsibility came barreling towards me. Well, many of us have learned to survive, tell the story, and succeed. We’ve learned to navigate through loads of responsibility, management pressure, vendor demands and tester needs which required a multitude of support, knowledge, and creativity. Learn how I went from being a tester to leading during a multimillion dollar merger and lived to tell about it.

Key Points of the session include:

  • How to manage the responsibility of leading the testing during a major project
  • Learning the techniques to lead a team of formal and informal testers
  • Exploring examples of how to build your credibility and empower a testing team
  • Examples of how to transition from being a tester to a manager

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Session Speaker:

Trisha LeeTrisha Lee – Sr Business Analyst, Stanford Federal Credit Union
Trisha Lee is the Sr Business Analyst at Stanford Federal Credit Union in Palo Alto, CA. . She has worked in the credit union industry for over 10 years and most recently led the data validation testing activities for the largest merger in credit union history. Before her position with SFCU, Trisha worked as the QA and Control Manager at First Tech Federal Credit Union; newly merged credit union serves high tech companies such as HP, Agilent, Amazon, Cisco, and Nike. Before being recruited by the CIO to join the new QA team she was the lead beta tester, subject matter expert, trainer, and master bug tracker for the credit union’s core processing software. She quickly took on additional roles as the release manager, testing lead and “the go to person” during the merger. She holds a B.S. from UC Davis and continued her studies by receiving a Certificate in Business Analysis from UC Davis Extension. Trisha’s other passion include wildlife rehabilitation and regularly volunteers to rescue injured and orphaned wildlife in Silicon Valley.